Martin is a hard-working, tenacious, lawyer and I endorse him wholeheartedly.

-Charles M.

Great Respect

I endorse this lawyer. I know Marty almost exclusively as opposing counsel. He and I have had many cases together over the years. Marty not only fights hard for his clients, but he also wins. He knows when to choose his fights, trying to get matters resolved when he can but going to the "mat" when he has to. We had a case a couple of months ago. I thought I was going to win and in the very end, Marty convinced me that I had no case. I have great respect for him.

-Steven R.

Great Job

As the economy was deteriorating, my office decided to try to help the growing foreclosure market. To do this I knew we would need an attorney that we could trust people's lives to if we were going to refer them to an attorney. I personally called several attorneys that specialized in bankruptcy. Some didn't return my phone call; some didn't seem to "measure up" and some I had heard bad stories about from my clients. It came down to 2 attorneys in Muskegon. Between the two, one of the attorneys was going to be hard to access so I set an appointment with Martin Holmes. I then interviewed Mr. Holmes personally. Mr. Holmes was my choice and I have never regretted it. He has gone the extra mile for every client I have sent to him. (There have been many) I have never gotten negative feedback from any of my referrals. Not one, and I keep in touch! I cannot fill in the section on "keeping me informed" because he has never broken his clients' confidentiality. My referrals tell me they were treated personally, with respect, and with a heart. They have never felt like a number or a paycheck. To me, this was important as most people who need a lawyer are in trouble and need help. I am still referring people to Mr. Holmes and will probably continue until he quits practice. When my son needed help on a personal matter, I even referred my son to him. Even though his problem was not part of his specialty, he did a GREAT job and we could not have asked for a better outcome. If you want an attorney that takes a personal interest in your case, Attorney Holmes would be your guy!



Martin was open and honest with me about my chances of receiving SSD. He looked up the exact specifications to receive SSD in the state of Michigan and explained it to me. I have mental health issues and he was patient and compassionate with me when I was falling apart at the seams. He's not one of those arrogant, obnoxious lawyers. His calming presence in court helped me hold together to get through the process. My mom was my main emotional support through this and Martin was respectful of her. For what I needed, Martin was excellent.

-Social Security Client

Thank You

I just recently used Martin for my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. I had a very successful eyeglass company in Portage, Michigan that was moved to Corpus Christi, Texas without warning. I lost everything I had and had no clue what to do with my life. Being very reluctant to lean towards bankruptcy, Martin guided me through the whole process and educated me on everything that I had to do and what would happen extremely well. I then decided it was my best choice, and Martin took everything in his own hands in a prompt and well-organized fashion. My case was recently discharged, and without Martin's help my life would still be ten times more of a mess. I would strongly recommend Martin to anyone filing a chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy. His knowledge in both aspects surpasses 98% of the other lawyers out there and he is a genuinely good person to boot...not a conceited money-hungry lawyer. Thank you, Martin!


Above & Beyond

I won't go into any details of my case, due to privacy, but Mr. Holmes worked longer, harder, and with more compassion than you could have ever expected from a lawyer. I was and still am completely satisfied with the service I received. I did not even win my case, but that was not at his or my own fault. It had to do with a dishonest system where I was stuck in the middle between two departments that worked together, but yet against each other at the same time. To my disadvantage, the department was trying to cover up their mistake at my expense. Mr. Holmes left no stone unturned and every t was crossed every I dotted. He put a lot of extra time and study into my case that was way above and beyond his duty. I appreciate every minute of his time as well as his support. I hope not to need his assistance in the future, however, he will be the first call I make. Thank you, Mr. Holmes.

-Jennifer C.

Very Thorough

This attorney is very thorough hence, no surprises in court. He is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and fair. I would select this attorney again without hesitation.

-Christi B.

Would Recommend

I would recommend this attorney for any matter. He will take the time to actually explain things and will work to get the best for you in any situation. When you meet with him he never tries to rush through things just to be done.

-Satisfied Client

Would Recommend

I would recommend this attorney for any matter. He will take the time to actually explain things and will work to get the best for you in any situation. When you meet with him he never tries to rush through things just to be done.

-Satisfied Client

Amazing Lawyer

Martin is an amazing lawyer. He is compassionate, honest, and very conscientious. He helped me through a divorce, helped my wife on a serious legal matter — and I recommend him with NO reservations.


Very Efficient

He was very knowledgeable. Made my bankruptcy as smooth as possible. Very efficient. I refer him to anyone needing an attorney. I will use him for all of my legal needs.



My initial consultation was free and was supposed to be around 30 minutes. Mr. Holmes spent over an hour with me answering my questions and really put me at ease. I hired Mr. Holmes and that was a great decision. He is extremely dedicated and trustworthy. Overall a very good experience.

-Chapter 13 Client


Mr. Holmes is a Caring and knowledgeable attorney. Helped me in a very difficult time with my Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Always responded to my questions and concerns promptly! I would recommend him to anyone!